The books are meant to educate farmers, teachers, lecturers, and lovers of agriculture on Livestock production and crops in the topics, which can be adopted to any other climatic condition. It is sold with the knowledge that the author and publisher are not engaged in offering accounting, legal, investment or other professional services. If legal or other professional assistance are needed, the services of a competent expert may be sought.

The objective of this is to further broaden the knowledge of the Livestock and crop farners in the tropical region and indeed the Livestock and crops producing world on the moedern ways of going about them profitably on commercial basis. All the topics covered can be adapted to ones existing conditions in his or her own country. It is meant to supplement other books available on the subjects. The Livestock and crops farmers are study all the materials on the subjects and put them into practice.

Livestock and crops farming are not  get-rich quick business. Whoever decides to go into the production must invest money, time, hard work, competence, and it involves excercise of patience. The Livestock and crops farmers should know that the principle of sowing and reaping applies in this venture. It says ‘whatever one sows that will he reap’.

Efforts have been made to make these books complete and as accurate as feasible. But there may be mistakes, typographical errors in the texts which are  regretted wherever it exists. Therefore the content should be used as a general guide and not as the final source of Livestock crops farming.

The publisher, Go Investments Nigeria Limited (Agric consultants) and the author will not be held liable or responsible to any person or organization with respect to any loss or damage caused, seemed to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in these books