Honey Production Management and Export

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The book is a business package meant to reveal the business potentials in honey production and marketing which is highly profitable worldwide.

The profitability of honey and wax is second to none if managed by competent personnel because it has the lowest production cost ever known.





  • A business that has one of the lowest unit cost per litre.
  • Availability of hybrid honey bees that has the capacity to produce more honey per beehive.
  • Ability to market the products worldwide.
  • Rising demand for the products locally and internationally.
  • A very low cost per litre and high selling price.
  • Availability of wide markets for the products.
  • Assurance of profitability if properly managed.
  • A good contribution to feed the world and running it as a business.
  • You need to buy the book now in order to reap the rewards it provides.