Modern Commercial Goat Rearing and Management

5,000.00 1,500.00

The book is written as a business model package for you to implement diligently to have the profit margin in it.
The products which are meat, milk, skin, blood, bones, fur, feces are being marketed worldwide and the markets are many; all having economic value, nothing is a waste.
The markets ranges from hotels, restaurants, guest houses, consuming public, with high demand that is ever increasing.





  • Ability to rear goats on commercial basis using simple method that is not capital intensive.
  • The markets for the products abound worldwide with high demand.
  • Being able to establish the farm with ease.
  • Ability to buy hybrid goats as your breeding stock.
  • Knowledge of the diseases that attack goats and how to treat them.
  • Chances of feeding them 100% on green pasture free of charge for maximum profit.

You will be helping to feed the hungry world, at the same time running it as a business.